When you place an order it is either in stock and available right away, or it will be made for you, which takes around 6 weeks. All glazes are lead free and made by hand, so they may vary by firing. You agree to this condition upon purchasing a pot. 


Shipping costs will be actual, either through USPS or UPS. All packing costs are included. I will inform you of shipping prices before payment is due. It may be necessary to purchase additional insurance for shipping your order. I will notify you if this is necessary.

International shipping costs (including Canada) will be through the US Post Office. Again, extra insurance and costs are your responsibility. There may be duty charged, which you will need to pay.


If a product comes to you broken due to packing or shipping, I will replace it with a like product. If the product is broken by you due to misuse or a stove top issue, there are no refunds. Returns are issued on a case by case basis.


The clay I use is stoneware. It is fired twice, the second time to a temperature of over 2200 degrees F. It is oven safe to 400 degrees F.  I would use it in the microwave to reheat an item, but not to cook in. Please cook items in the oven. No stove top, no broiler. All items can be frozen, but thaw out to room temperature before reheating or cooking. Each pot is dishwasher safe.